Ida B. Wells Graduate Student Fellowship

Ida B. Wells - Library of Congress

Ida B. Wells (Library of Congress)

The CCWH Ida B. Wells Graduate Student Fellowship is an annual award of $1000 given to a graduate student working on a historical dissertation that interrogates race and gender, not necessarily in a history department. The award is intended to support either a crucial stage of research or the final year of writing.

The applicant must be a CCWH member; must be a graduate student in any department of a U.S. institution; must have passed to A.B.D. status by the time of application; may hold this award and others simultaneously; and need not attend the award ceremony to receive the award.

Committee email:

NOTE –  Applicants can only apply for one CCWH sponsored graduate student grant each year.

The Coordinating Council on Women in History is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations to the Ida B. Wells Graduate Student Fellowship are tax-deductible.

Previous Wells Graduate Student Fellowship Award Recipients

2015 Kimberly McNair, “Cotton Framed Revolutionaries: T-shirt Culture and the Black Protest Tradition.”

2014  Katelyn Aguilar, University of Connecticut, “A ‘Cannes Thing?’ Football, Race and American Conservatism.”

2013 Katie Knowles, Rice University, “Fashioning Slavery:  Slaves and Clothing in the United States South, 1830-1865”

2012 Nicolette Kostiw, Vanderbilt University, “A Lost Generation:  The Tutelage of Minors, Slavery, and the Black Family in Rio de Janeiro.”

2011 Cynthia Greenlee-Donnell, Duke University, “Daughters of the Nadir: Black Girls in South Carolina’s Jim Crow Courts, 1885-1905.”

2010  Melissa Lambert Milewski, NYU, “From Slave to Litigant:  African Americans in Court in the Post War South, 1865-1920.”

2009 Katy Simpson Smith, University of North Carolina

2008 Nicole Eaton, Brown University

2007 Reena Goldthree, Duke University

2006 Lisa Blee, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

2005 Irina Mukhina, Boston College

2004 Linda Rupert, Duke University

2003 Tanfer Emin Tunc, State University of New York, Stony Brook

2002 Katherine Benton, University of Wisconsin, Madison

2001 Gillian McGillivray, Georgetown University

2000 Lisa Materson, University of California, Los Angeles

1999 Julian Carter, University of California, Irvine