CCWH members make our mission to support all woman historians possible. We appreciate the gift of our volunteers' time, labor, and expertise. Learn how to get involved in different initiatives.

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Want to get involved? The CCWH is a volunteer-based organization. Join a prize committee, our membership or media team, or even our Executive Board. For more information, email

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become a university rep

 Elena K. Symmes /

University of Virginia 

Marisela Martinez-Cola /

Utah State University 

Stefanie Shackleton /

The University of Texas at Austin 

Melissa Thompson /

Texas Tech University 

Aiala Levy /

University of Scranton (Pennsylvania)

Benedetta Luciana Sara Carnaghi /

Cornell University (NY) 

Bridgett Williams-Searle /

College of Saint Rose (NY)

Brenann Sutter /

Rutgers University (New Jersey)

Elyssa Ford /

Northwest Missouri State University

Amanda Littauer /

Northern Illinois University

 Hayley Noble /

Boise State University (Idaho)

Fernanda Bretones Lane /

University of Florida

Pamela Stewart /

Arizona State University 

USA (alphabetical by state) 

Ilaria Scaglia /

UK, Aston University (Birmingham)

Kelly Midori McCormick /

Canada, University of British Columbia

If you are interested in learning more about the CCWH or would like to become more involved, send an email to for more information, or alternatively, your local CCWH university representative listed below.

University Representatives

become a liason

We are always looking for volunteers to cover more conferences and/or to help the people serving as liaisons. You could help to make CCWH known (e.g., bringing brochures, or making a short announcement), help other CCWH members who intend to participate (e.g., connect people who are trying to form a panel, or are seeking a roommate), and network with them (e.g., meet for coffee?).

In short, as a conference liaison you will be creating a community of women wherever you go.

If you are interested in serving in any of these roles, send an email to

Pamela Stewart /

Western Association of Women Historians

Ilaria Scaglia /

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations

Elyssa Ford /

Rural Women’s Studies Association

Brenann Sutter /

New York Historical Society’s Early Career Workshop

Elyssa Ford /
Hayley Noble /

National Council on Public History

Maria Paula Andrade /

American Association for the History of Medicine- AAHM

Jacqueline-Bethel Mougoué

African Studies Association

As part of our efforts to increase and retain membership, CCWH has a Conference Liaisons Program. The goal is to ensure that CCWH has somebody representing us at as many conferences as possible, large and small, and that women in history receive all the support they deserve.

Here is a list of current CCWH Conference Liaisons:

Conference Liasons

Bridget Keown
Ph.D. Candidate in World History
History Department
Northeastern University

CCWH Host Program Contact

become a host

If you wish to sign up as a host, please fill out this form (PDF) and return to our CCWH Host Program Coordinator, Bridget Keown, at She will give your name to any member who will contact her looking for a place to stay. Alternative Host Program contacts: Elise Leal (Baylor University) and Deidre Lannon Albrecht (Texas State University).

Members would then communicate directly and make final arrangements on lodging. The CCWH Host Program Coordinator would only connect Hosts and Guests; individuals would ultimately be responsible for any specific agreements made. Please feel free to contact Bridget if you have questions.

This program has the potential of being transformational for women in history! We truly hope you will find it useful to you and others.

Sign Up as a Host

If you have plans to travel to any of the cities in the Host Location Map for a conference and/or for a short research trip and wish to stay with a host, please contact our HOST Program Coordinator, Bridget Keown, at Don’t hesitate! This is a great opportunity not only to defray costs but also to meet fellow CCWH members!

For Travelers Looking for a Host

The CCWH is looking to connect members who are willing to help each other in a concrete and meaningful way through our Host Program.

CCWH Host Program